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GraphViz preview+

Write and preview GraphViz dot with ctrl-shift-G.

Enabled for .dot and .gv files

animated gif demoing live preview


  • live rendering of your diagram
  • SVG export - to file or clipboard
  • PNG export - to file
  • Switch the GraphViz layout engine. GraphViz Preview+ will remember the last one you used.
  • For syntax highlighting we recommend language-dot (the only one in apm at the moment). If it's not installed, GraphViz preview+ will take care of the installation.
  • Uses viz.js package for parsing and rendering, so no need to have graphviz installed.
  • Can use the original graphviz command line version if you want it to; tick the use GraphViz command line option in the settings

Why another GraphViz previewer?

Because I needed one.

There is an other atom package for GraphViz. It is in dire need of maintenance (e.g. it doesn't work very well in Atom versions > 1.0.0), but seems to be abandoned - last activity is from May 2016.

GraphViz preview+ takes a more 'Atom-native' approach to integrating GraphViz. This should make your GraphViz editing experience in Atom more pleasant. Live rendering and svg export work out of the box; engine switching, exporting to other formats and a lot of potential future features are easy to implement, usually with just a few lines of code.

License information

  • This software is free software licensed under GPL-3.0. This means (a.o.) you can use it as part of other free software, but not as part of non free software.
  • viz.js is BSD licensed,
  • GraphViz is licensed under the EPL.

Build status

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