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Django application which provides an information about other installed applications.
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As usual. Place django_apps somewhere in your python path or install it using easy_install:

easy_install django-apps

Then, add django_apps to the INSTALLED_APPS.


In the any template use template tag installed_apps to receive a list of installed apps along with some information about them.

I use following code in my template, to show apps names along with their versions and descriptions.

{% load apps_tags %}
{% installed_apps as apps %}
<table class="apps">
{% for app in apps %}
        <td>{{ }}</td>
        <td>{{ app.version }}</td>
        <td>{{ app.description }}</td>
{% endfor %}

You can find an example result at my own 'Installed Apps' page:

Please, note, that descriptions are hardcoded into the code of the django_apps.

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