App for storing links and automatic link extraction from markdown texts.
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A small app, which stores information about websites to which you links in your preious posts. This application is able to process your new post, and append an information about such links to the end of the text.

This piece of code was inspired by Will Larson's post about blogging and DRY priciple.


  • As usual, use easy_install django-autolinks or download sources and place django_autolinks somewhere in the pythonpath.

  • Next, add django_autolinks to the INSTALLED_APPS.

  • Run ./ syncdb, to create table which will hold information about urls.

  • Add few lines in your, to process links. It should look like this:

    def save(self): self.body = process_links(self.body) super(TextPost, self).save()

    This simple example was taken right from my another project — django-dzenlog-text.


Feel free to clone this project at github and send me patches or any suggestions.