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Fields pack for django framework.
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Django-fields is an application which includes different kinds of models fields.

Right now, application contains two fields with encryption support: EncryptedCharField and EncryptedTextField.

This project uses Travis for continuous integration: Build Status


This application depends on python-crypto, which can be found in many Linux repositories, or downloaded from

Under Ubuntu, just do:

sudo apt-get install python-crypto

How to run tests

Examples can be found at the examples directory. Look at the, Same project is used to run unittests. To run them, just fire ./


  • zbyte64 — thanks to for his django snippet for encrypted fields. After some fixes, this snippet works as supposed.
  • John Morrissey — for fixing bug in PickleField.
  • Joe Jasinski — different fixes and new fields for encripted email and US Phone.
  • Colin MacDonald — for many encripted fields added.
  • Igor Davydenko — PickleField.
  • kromem - Added support for specifying block_type on encrypted fields.
  • Brooks Travis - new field for encrypted US Social Security Number and other fixes.

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