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Fields pack for django framework.

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Django-fields is an application which includes different kinds of models fields.

Right now, application contains two fields with encryption support: EncryptedCharField and EncryptedTextField.

This project uses Travis for continuous integration: Build Status



  • Fixed: Django admin needs to be able to create blank instances of the fields in order to create a new model. This broke with BaseEncryptedNumberField. (via defrex)
  • Fixed: block_type wasn't added to the south rules. (via defrex)
  • Fixed: Newer code paths with block_type specified couldn't reuse the cipher object on the field class. to_python was already redefining it before decrypting the value, but get_db_prep_value wasn't before encrypting. The first time you used a model it would be fine, but the second would fail. Thus the tests were passing but the classes were functionally useless in an application. (via defrex)


  • Added: EncryptedUSSocialSecurityNumberField, which handles the special-case logic of validating and encrypting US Social Security Numbers, using (via Brooks Travis)
  • Fixed: Issue #21.
  • Changed: django_fields.fields.BaseEncryptedField now supports specification of cipher block_type via keyword argument. (via kromem)
  • Added: Deprecation warning for fields that do not specify a block_type.


  • Added: Class django_fields.models.ModelWithPrivateFields, which allows to use private fields, starting from two underscores.
  • Fixed: BaseEncryptedDateField.get_db_prep_value errors.
  • Changed: Now virtualenv is used for test enviroment. Buildout.cfg was removed.


  • Fixed: EOFError handling in PickleField.
  • Changed: Buildout file was changed to test against Django 1.2.5 and include PyCrypto.


  • Added: EncryptedEmail and USPhoneNumber fields.
  • Added: EncryptedNumber fields.
  • Added: EncryptedDateTimeField.
  • Added: EncryptedDateField class.
  • Added: South support.
  • Added: Unit tests and associated utility functions.
  • Fixed: Deprecation warnings related to the settings in example project.
  • Fixed: Deprecation warnings, related to get_db_prep_vasue.
  • Fixed: Edge case in encryption consistency.
  • Changed: EncryptedCharField now enforces max length.


  • Added: PickleField class.
  • Added: Encrypt field.
  • Added: Buildout config and example application.
  • Added: and
  • Fixed: Issue #1 - "EncryptedCharField raises a traceback in the django admin".
  • Fixed: max_length issue.
  • Changed: Now __import__ compatible with python 2.4 in BaseEncryptedField.__init__.
  • Changed: Code was moved to src.
  • Changed: Get rid of custom string class. It was replaced with string prefix.
  • Changed: Settings were changed to test with mysql.


This application depends on python-crypto, which can be found in many Linux repositories, or downloaded from

Under Ubuntu, just do:

sudo apt-get install python-crypto

How to run tests

Examples can be found at the examples directory. Look at the, Same project is used to run unittests. To run them, just fire ./


  • zbyte64 — thanks to for his django snippet for encrypted fields. After some fixes, this snippet works as supposed.
  • John Morrissey — for fixing bug in PickleField.
  • Joe Jasinski — different fixes and new fields for encripted email and US Phone.
  • Colin MacDonald — for many encripted fields added.
  • Igor Davydenko — PickleField.
  • kromem - Added support for specifying block_type on encrypted fields.
  • Brooks Travis - new field for encrypted US Social Security Number and other fixes.

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