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@@ -6,6 +6,44 @@ Django-fields is an application which includes different kinds of models fields.
Right now, application contains two fields with encryption support:
EncryptedCharField and EncryptedTextField.
+### 0.2.0
+* Added: Class django_fields.models.ModelWithPrivateFields, which allows to use private fields, starting from two underscores.
+* Fixed: BaseEncryptedDateField.get_db_prep_value errors.
+* Changed: Now virtualenv is used for test enviroment. Buildout.cfg was removed.
+### 0.1.3
+* Fixed: EOFError handling in PickleField.
+* Changed: Buildout file was changed to test against Django 1.2.5 and include PyCrypto.
+### 0.1.2
+Added: Encrypted Email and US Phone number fields.
+Added: Encrypted number fields.
+Added: EncryptedDateTimeField.
+Added: EncryptedDateField class.
+Added: South support.
+Added: Unit tests and associated utility functions.
+Fixed: Deprecation warnings related to the settings in example project.
+Fixed: Deprecation warnings, related to 'get_db_prep_value'.
+Fixed: Edge case in encryption consistency.
+Changed: EncryptedCharField now enforces max length.
+### 0.1.1
+Added: PickleField class.
+Added: Encrypt field.
+Added: Buildout config and example application.
+Added: and
+Fixed: Issue #1 - "EncryptedCharField raises a traceback in the django admin".
+Fixed: 'max_length' issue.
+Changed: Now __import__ compatible with python 2.4 in BaseEncryptedField.__init__
+Changed: Code was moved to 'src'.
+Changed: Get rid of custom string class. It was replaced with string prefix.
+Changed: Settings were changed to test with mysql.
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
from setuptools import setup, find_packages
name = 'django-fields',
- version = '0.1.3',
+ version = '0.2.0',
description = 'Django-fields is an application which includes different kinds of models fields.',
keywords = 'django apps tools collection',
license = 'New BSD License',

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