A helper to use growl notifications from ssh sessions.
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Dotfiler: Growl helpers

This repository contains some helpers to use growl from ssh sessions. It's purpose to be used as a repository for dotfiler.

For convinience, don't copy these files into you homedir. Instead, go and install dotfiler, then clone this repository, using dot add <url> command and run dot update to make all necessary symlinks.

What is this?

This helper provides a zsh function nb, which goes via ssh back to you desktop and calls growlnotify or terminal-notifier. (Actually, if you run it on the desktop, where /usr/local/bin/growlnotify is available, it will call it directly.)

This quite useful, when you frequently running some slow process on a server and want to be notified when it is done. In this case you just do:

some-long-running-task --with params; nb 'Horay! Task done.'

To make it work, add something like that to the ~/.ssh/config on your desktop machine:

Host salmon
RemoteForward *:2022 localhost:22

And something like this on your remote machine:

Host back
Hostname localhost
Port 2022

After that, install command line utility growlnotify to the desktop. And of cause don't forget to install this helper, using these commands on remote machine:

dot add https://github.com/svetlyak40wt/dot-growl
dot update

To test, login via ssh to the remote machine and run:

nb "Hello from remote machine"

If all was done right, a growl notification should pop up on the desktop's screen.