Test daemon in Python
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Test Daemon

The daemon watches the content of files in a directory and if any of them changes (the content is edited), it runs the given command.


If you are on Windows, you will have to add the <python_install_dir>/Scripts directory.

With pip

$ pip install 'git+https://github.com/svetlyak40wt/tdaemon@develop#egg=tdaemon'

Basic Usage

Simply run this:

$ tdaemon nosetests

The daemon starts watching the current directory and subdirectories. As soon as one file changes, the daemon runs nosetests and you may watch the result.

Advanced usage

Change the scanned path

If you want to run the daemon from another directory than your current directory, just run:

$ tdaemon --path /path/to/your/project nosetests

Ignore directories and files

If you have a large sub-directory that will slow the scanning and contains no tests, you can use the --ignore argument, which uses a comma-separated list of patterns to not watch.

$ tdaemon --ignore=docs
$ tdaemon --ignore=docs,build,*.png

Also, tdaemon takes these patterns from the .gitignore file if it is available.


Feel free to fork this project and to send patches back. If you found a bug or want to propose a feature, file theissue at the GitHub.

To run tdaemon's tests, install nose and run: nosetests --with-doctest tdaemon.py