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# coding: utf-8
from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals
import bisect
import times
import hashlib
import six
from dateutil.parser import parse
from thebot import ThreadedPlugin, on_command
def _gen_hashes(tasks):
"""Generates sha1 hashes for tasks and minumum subhash's
length for which all generated hashes are unique.
if not tasks:
return [], 0
shas = [
for dt, about, r in tasks
for min_len in range(2, len(shas[0]) + 1):
trimmed = set(h[:min_len] for h in shas)
if len(trimmed) == len(shas):
return shas, min_len
class Plugin(ThreadedPlugin):
"""Allows to manage a simple todo list.
By default, all dates are in the UTC.
To use your local time everywhere, set timezone like that:
set timezone Europe/Moscow
name = 'todo'
deps = ['notify', 'identity', 'settings']
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(Plugin, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
# interval between bot's attemts to find expired tasks
self.interval = 60
if not
def _get_tasks(self, identity):
return'tasks:{}'.format(, [])
def _set_tasks(self, identity, tasks):['tasks:{}'.format(] = tasks
@on_command('remind( me)? at (?P<datetime>.+) to (?P<about>.+)')
def remind(self, request, datetime, about):
"""Remind about a TODO at given time."""
identity ='identity').get_identity_by_request(request)
dt = parse(datetime)
tz = self._get_user_timezone(identity)
dt = times.to_universal(dt, tz)
tasks = self._get_tasks(identity)
bisect.insort(tasks, (dt, about,
self._set_tasks(identity, tasks)
except Exception as e:
request.respond('Unable to parse a date: ' + six.text_type(e))
@on_command('my tasks')
def my_tasks(self, request):
"""Show my tasks"""
identity ='identity').get_identity_by_request(request)
tasks = self._get_tasks(identity)
if tasks:
tz = self._get_user_timezone(identity)
hashes, min_len = _gen_hashes(tasks)
lines = []
for h, (dt, about, identity_id) in zip(hashes, tasks):
dt = times.to_local(dt, tz)
lines.append('{0}) {1:%Y-%m-%d %H:%M} {2}'.format(h[:min_len], dt, about))
request.respond('You have no tasks')
@on_command('(?P<task_id>[0-9a-z]{2,40}) done')
def done(self, request, task_id):
"""Mark given task as done."""
# TODO add unittests for two cases:
# * when task_id not found
# * when there are more than one task which hash started from task_id
identity ='identity').get_identity_by_request(request)
tasks = self._get_tasks(identity)
if tasks:
hashes, min_len = _gen_hashes(tasks)
filtered_tasks = []
for h, (dt, about, identity_id) in zip(hashes, tasks):
if not h.startswith(task_id):
filtered_tasks.append((dt, about, identity_id))
self._set_tasks(identity, filtered_tasks)
def _remind_users_about_their_tasks(self):
now =
tasks_storage ='tasks:')
notify ='notify').notify
for identity_id, todos in tasks_storage.items():
idx = bisect.bisect_left(todos, (now, None, None))
to_remind = todos[:idx]
for td, about, id_id in to_remind:
delta = (now - td)
if delta.seconds <= self.interval:
# Remind only if reminder's datetime is between
# this and previous checks
notify(identity_id, 'TODO: {0} ({1})'.format(
def do_job(self):
def _get_user_timezone(self, identity):
settings ='settings')
return settings.get(, 'timezone', 'UTC')
def now(self, request):
"""Outputs server time and user time."""
identity ='identity').get_identity_by_request(request)
now =
tz = self._get_user_timezone(identity)
local = times.to_local(now, tz)
request.respond('Server time: {}\nLocal time:{}'.format(now, local))