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If you've ever wanted to build out a website to be hosted on a PHP based server, this project might help.

I don't like using PHP include directives to extract common HTML elements, as it ends up with files that have unbalanced tags (ie. your header opens the html, your footer closes it).

Twig is a PHP templating engine that is reasonably mature and uses a syntax that I don't find awful.

To build a site effectively with this driver, you need to understand how to build Twig templates; for more information go here:

Using Twig-SiteDriver

The best way to use it is to set it up as an error handler, the provided .htaccess file does this for you. If you rename the script, don't forget to update the name in the .htaccess file.

By default, you will need a folder called "template_cache" that your host's webserver can write to. Sometimes this means using your FTP client and setting all of the "write" flags on the directory on. For Unix folk, the permissions on this folder should be 777 or rwxrwxrwx.

The default configuration should work well for most sites, but there are several options to tune.

At the bottom of the sitedriver file, you will see:

$tsd = new TwigSiteDriver();

You can pass configuration options in when the TwigSiteDriver object is instantiated. ie.

$tsd = new TwigSiteDriver(array('cache' => false));

This will turn off caching. If you want to set several options at once, you may want to do something like:

$opts = array(
  'template_dir' => 'site',
  'cache_dir' => 'my_template_cache',
  '404_template' => 'missing.html',
  'reload' => false
$tsd = new TwigSiteDriver($opts);

Here are what the options are and what they mean:

template_dir The folder in which your site templates are located. Defaults to 'templates'.

cache_dir The folder used to cache output. Defaults to 'template_cache'.

404_template The template in the 'template_dir' to be used for 404 (page not found) errors. Defaults to '404.html'.

cache Set to true or false, turns caching on or off. Defaults to true.

reload Set to true or false. Determines whether cache is rebuilt when templates change so you can update templates, reload, see changes. (Note, in my experience this does not improve performance). Defaults to true.

debug Not useful for most people, turns on PHP error output. Defaults to false.

At this time, Twig is expected to be found in a folder called 'twig-1.8.1' (the current version as of this writing). This will be improved in the future.


v1.0.1 - Add page variables to indicate current filename when rendering v1.0.0 - Initial Release