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0.6.1 / 21.11.2015

@GreLI GreLI released this · 2 commits to master since this release

  • Added option --quite to suppress output (by @phihag).
  • Removed lib-cov folder from the package, which was erroneously included before.
  • Fixed errors in “minifyStyles” when there are <style> elements with CDATA content or without content at all.
  • Amended transform functions parsing to prevent errors when there are no separators between numbers (which isn't allowed by syntax, but understood by browsers).


0.6.0 / 08.11.2015

@GreLI GreLI released this · 14 commits to master since this release

  • New optimization: circular curves are now being converted to arcs. A notable improvement for circles within paths.
  • New plugin “minifyStyles” which minifies <style> elments content with CSSO by @strarsis (svgo still doesn't understand its content)
  • New plugin “removeStyleElement” (disabled by default) by @betsydupuis.
  • Fixed issues wuth parsing numbers with exponent fraction (could happen with high precision >= 7).
  • Fixed rounding error due to incorrect preserving of precision in transformations.
  • Fixed shortand curve distortion due to converted previous curve to not a curve.
  • Fixed interoperability issue with precision cli-option and full config.
  • Fixed an error produced by “removeUnknownsAndDefaults” by @thiakil
  • Another Inkscape prefix namespace is being removed.
  • Fixed an issue in moveElemsAttrsToGroup“” with transforms moved around clip-path.


0.5.6 / 13.08.2015

@GreLI GreLI released this · 41 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed paths removing.


0.5.5 / 05.08.2015

@GreLI GreLI released this · 45 commits to master since this release

  • Reverted debugging changes.


0.5.4 / 05.08.2015

@GreLI GreLI released this · 47 commits to master since this release

  • New parameter useShortTags by @bradbarrow. Now svgo can produce correct non-selfclosing tags (useful in HTML in old browsers).
  • Fixed failing on empty transformation (which could be produced by two opposite).
  • Fixed removing paths which have numbers with exponent notation.
  • Fixed a bug with arc transformation.
  • Some typo fixes.


0.5.3 / 21.06.2015

@GreLI GreLI released this · 58 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed breaking related to rounding functions in “convertTransform”.
  • Fixed a bug with ID in animations not being worked on by “cleanupIDs”.
  • Fixed a bug with quoted reference in url().
  • Now, if there are several same IDs in the document, then the first one is used and others are being removed.
  • New command-line option --show-plugins displaying list of plugins.
  • Two new optional plugins: “removeDimensions” (removes width and height if there is viewBox) and “removeAttrsPlugin” (by @bennyschudel).


0.5.2 / 24.05.2015

@GreLI GreLI released this · 83 commits to master since this release

  • Introduced new transformPrecision option for better image quality (defaults to 5) in “convertTransform” and “convertPathData” (for the purpose of applying transformations) plugins.
  • Matrix transformations now can be decomposed into a combination of few simple transforms like translate, rotate, scale.
  • Arcs (paths arcto command) are now correctly being transformed into another arcs without being converting to Bezier curves.
  • Fixed an issue with “mergePaths” failing to detect paths intersection in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug with “removeUnknownsAndDefaults” removing some paths, which was introduced in v0.5.1.
  • Fixed a bug with transformation having rotate() with optional parameters.
  • Patterns with inherited attributes are no longer being removed.
  • Styles are no longer being removed from <desc> (by @dennari).
  • SVGO no longer breaks during parsing.
  • Added clone() method to JSAPI (by @jakearchibald)


0.5.0 / 05.11.2014

@GreLI GreLI released this · 201 commits to master since this release

  • added --multipass command line option which repeatedly applies optimizations like collapsing groups (by @dfilatov)
  • exposed JSAPI as a factory method (by @mistakster)
  • added removeDesc plugin (by @dwabyick), disabled by default
  • removeUselessStrokeAndFill plugin is disabled by default since it's unable to check inherited properties
  • transformations now apply to paths with arcs in plugins/convertPathData
  • a lot of bug fixes mostly related to transformations


v0.4.5 / 02.08.2014

@GreLI GreLI released this · 226 commits to master since this release

  • significally improved plugin plugins/convertPathData:
    • Now data is being written relative or absolute whichever is shorter. You can turn it off by setting utilizeAbsolute to false.
    • Smarter rounding: values like 2.499 now rounds to 2.5. Rounding now takes in account accumulutive error meaning that points will not be misplaced due to rounding more than it neccessary.
    • Fixed couple bugs.
  • --output option now can be a folder along with --folder, thanks to @mako-taco.
  • plugins/cleanupIDs now have prefix option in case you want to combine multiple svg later (by @DanielMazurkiewicz).
  • Quotes now being escaped in attributes (by @ditesh).
  • Minor bugfixes


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