0.7.2 / 29.01.2017

@GreLI GreLI released this Jan 29, 2017 · 23 commits to master since this release

  • Extended currentColor match conditions (string, rx, bool) (by @AlimovSV)
  • Fixed removing <animate> in <stop>.
  • Fixed removing same transform in inner element in removeUnknownsAndDefaults.
  • Fixed collapsing groups with same non-inheritable attribue.
  • Corrected removing of leading zero in case of exponential notation.


0.7.1 / 27.09.2016

@GreLI GreLI released this Sep 27, 2016 · 46 commits to master since this release

  • Reverted the requirement of Node.js to version 0.10.
  • Added addAttributesToSVGElement to the default config to allow using it with --enable option.
  • Added korean translation of “How it works” doc (by @primeiros).


0.7.0 / 25.08.2016

@GreLI GreLI released this Aug 25, 2016 · 54 commits to master since this release

  • Required Node.js version has increased to 0.12.
  • New plugins: removeElementsByAttr (by IDs or classes) by @elidupuis,
    addAttributesToSVGElement by @gjjones,
    removeXMLNS (for SVG inlining) by @ricardobeat.
  • Tests now correctly pass in Windows with CRLF line endings. Pretty print now accounts system line endings.
  • Fixed bugs with collapsing groups with masks and transforms in collapseGroups.
  • Fixed bugs with erroneous removing IDs in cleanupIDs.
  • Improved attributes sorting in sortAttrs by @darktrojan.
  • addClassesToSVGElement no more repeats classes (by @ricardobeat).


0.6.6 / 25.04.2016

@GreLI GreLI released this Apr 25, 2016 · 86 commits to master since this release

  • Corrected CSSO API usage


0.6.5 / 25.04.2016

@GreLI GreLI released this Apr 25, 2016 · 88 commits to master since this release

  • Extra content inserted by editors are now being removed within <foreignObject> as well thus fixing bug “Namespace prefix … is not defined“ after applying SVGO.
  • Doctype with entities declartion is now also being removed since SVGO correctly parses them starting from the version 0.6.2.
  • Corrected moveGroupAttrsToElems not to move attributes to g content if it's referenced (has an id).
  • collapseGroups now don't collapse a group if it has an animated attribute (SMIL).


0.6.4 / 05.04.2016

@GreLI GreLI released this Apr 5, 2016 · 94 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed bug in “convertStyleToAttrs” plugin with converting styling properties to non-existent attributes (which are normally removed later by removeUnknownsAndDefaults).
  • Added --indent option to style pretty-printed SVG. (e.g. --indent 2) (by @scurker).
  • Added currentColor param to convertColors plugin for converting values like fill and stroke to currentColor (by @scurker).
  • Bumped CSSO to the current version and used its new shiny API (thanks to @lahmatiy).


0.6.3 / 20.03.2016

@GreLI GreLI released this Mar 20, 2016 · 107 commits to master since this release

  • Smart rounding (introduced in 0.4.5) now applies only when rounding is needed, thus making subsequent passes more stable.
  • Fixed regression in converting curves to arcs.
  • xlink:href references are now being checked by local name href, thus correctly working with another namespace prefix.
  • Fixed id removing with disabled plugins/convertStyleToAttrs.js.


0.6.2 / 08.03.2016

@GreLI GreLI released this Mar 8, 2016 · 113 commits to master since this release

  • Better error handling and messaging improvements.
  • SVG files with XML entities (e.g. from Adobe Illustrator) are now correctly being parsed.
  • Fixed error on converting curves to arcs.
  • Corrected rounding in subsequent passes with --multipass option.
  • Data URI option now handles charset (by @holymonson)
  • Tranformations are no longer moved to group if there is a mask (plugins/moveElemsAttrsToGroup.js).
  • Fixed matrix decomposition losing sign in case like [1, 0, 0, -1, 0, 0] (scale(1 -1)).
  • Fixed crash on uppercased color name.
  • Paths with id and without stroke-width aren't being trasformed now since stroke-width may be applied later.


0.6.1 / 21.11.2015

@GreLI GreLI released this Nov 21, 2015 · 162 commits to master since this release

  • Added option --quite to suppress output (by @phihag).
  • Removed lib-cov folder from the package, which was erroneously included before.
  • Fixed errors in “minifyStyles” when there are <style> elements with CDATA content or without content at all.
  • Amended transform functions parsing to prevent errors when there are no separators between numbers (which isn't allowed by syntax, but understood by browsers).


0.6.0 / 08.11.2015

@GreLI GreLI released this Nov 8, 2015 · 174 commits to master since this release

  • New optimization: circular curves are now being converted to arcs. A notable improvement for circles within paths.
  • New plugin “minifyStyles” which minifies <style> elments content with CSSO by @strarsis (svgo still doesn't understand its content)
  • New plugin “removeStyleElement” (disabled by default) by @betsydupuis.
  • Fixed issues wuth parsing numbers with exponent fraction (could happen with high precision >= 7).
  • Fixed rounding error due to incorrect preserving of precision in transformations.
  • Fixed shortand curve distortion due to converted previous curve to not a curve.
  • Fixed interoperability issue with precision cli-option and full config.
  • Fixed an error produced by “removeUnknownsAndDefaults” by @thiakil
  • Another Inkscape prefix namespace is being removed.
  • Fixed an issue in moveElemsAttrsToGroup“” with transforms moved around clip-path.