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@TrySound TrySound released this Sep 23, 2021
· 10 commits to master since this release
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ES Modules support

This release adds support for es modules in svgo.config.js when package.json type field is "module".
For projects with mixed cjs and esm svgo.config.mjs and svgo.config.cjs are also supported as fallback.

See #1583

export default {
  plugins: [


  • added validation to removeAttrs plugin (#1582)


Follwing plugins are migrated to the new visitor plugin api and covered with tsdoc

Other internal changes

  • covered svg parser with tsdoc (#1584)
  • avoided parentNode in style manager which makes us one step closer to releasing new plugin api publicly (#1576)
  • replaced colorette with nanocolors (#1586)

Thanks to @renatorib, @matheus1lva, @omgovich, @deepsweet, @ai, @samouss and @TrySound