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KeePass 2 Import Plugin for MSDN and TechNet key export xml files.

How to use

  • Drop the MicrosoftKeyImporterPlugin.dll into your KeePass 2 program folder.
  • Open KeePass and choose File -> Import...
  • Under the General section, select MSDN or TechNet Keys XML.
  • Select the KeysExport.xml file that you've exported from MSDN or TechNet and click OK.


What will the keys look like in KeePass?

The import process adds a Microsoft Product Keys directory to the root of your KeePass database. For each separate product a new directory is created, and for each separate key code a KeePass entry is created with a default title equal to the type of key (Static Activation, etc.)

Can I import an updated KeysExport.xml without removing the previous keys?

Yes! The key importer is written to recognize preexisting keys based on the password field. This gives you the freedom to modify any other attribute of the entry without having to worry about overwriting the key or adding duplicated keys.

Can I edit the entries generated by the import and still import updates?

Yes! As long as you don't modify the password attribute of the entry you can edit the entry however you'd like. I'd recommend updating the title or notes to help you remember where the keys might be in use.


KeePass Import Plugin for MSDN and TechNet key export xml files.




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