The experiments manager for transcriptomics datasets
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iTranscriptome is a Windows application for storing and organising transcriptomic datasets from the Gene Expression Omnibus. It was developed during my final year at Royal Holloway University of London, with the help of Horacio Caniza and Dr. Alberto Paccanaro from Paccanaro Lab. Unfortunately, parts of it are still unfinished.

The application uses a variation of the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern and a custom Object-Relational Mapping system, both designed by me. Other points of interest are the parser for transcriptomic datasets and the caching system for the ORM (one of the few optimisations I was able to implement, as the amount of data can be considerably large). There is also a small number of simple unit tests in the Test project (unfortunately, university final year projects are not always Agile and TDD-oritented).

As I mentioned, parts of the application were left unfinished (check commit log) and it was not extensively tested. However, most of the code I wrote is documented in good detail, so it might be still useful to someone.

Note: this is a personal repository. The official repository will be available at