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Accessible Video Player creates keyboard and assistive technology friendly videos from Vimeo.
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▶️ Accessible Video Player

Accessible Video Player creates keyboard and assistive technology friendly videos from Vimeo.

Accessible Video Player uses the Vimeo JS API to manipulate each embedded video. Controls are generated on the fly, a set for each embedded Vimeo player found on a page.


The following video controls are made available:

  • Play/pause toggle button
  • Timeline slider
  • Volume slider
  • Mute button
  • Full screen button
  • View and set closed caption track (if available)
  • Video and controls flex to viewport width
  • Events are announced out loud as they happen


1) Include the Vimeo JS API and Moment.js dependencies:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

2) Include this lib at the bottom of your page:

<script src="accessible-video-player.js"></script>

The included script will automatically find any <iframe> elements on the page with embedded videos from the domain and attaches the controls on the fly. No other configuration is required!

Manual integration

If you need to manually create a video player you can do so by the following.

1) Add an id to the embedded video iframe element and the data-accessible attribute. The attribute tells the script to not run on this video automatically.

<iframe id="myVideo" data-accessible="true" src="..." ...></iframe>

2) Create a new object and pass the id of the embedded video to the object:

  var myVideo = new accessibleVideoPlayer('myVideo');


This project and its source code is licensed under the MIT license.

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