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The code is based on Andrey Mirtchovski's py9p, but differs in some things:

  • the protocol implementation is faster up to 3 times
  • thread-safe
  • python3 support
  • has no sk1 support — temporarily; it will be added back soon
  • has working pki support for RSA ssh keys
  • FUSE client

Fuse client (fuse9p) has features not provided by other mount implementations like 9pfuse from «Plan9 from User Space» or Linux kernel's v9fs. Firstly, fuse9p supports authentication (right now only pki). Having comparable speed with v9fs on big read/write requests, it is up to several hundreds times faster in reading directories. And will be more faster in the future :)

  • Documentation: none yet, working on it
  • Installation: make install
  • Requirements: Python >= 2.6

You can also use the library without installation, but in this case you should set up PYTHONPATH manually and run make force-version to update all *.in files.

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