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# New in version 1.3.3
* Fixed a crash when using ctags over SFTP.
* Fixed a crash when creating new files over SFTP.
* Make line highlight centered vertically around the cursor.
* Fixed stability issue when closing windows.
* Require UUID in bundle items, allows loading incomplete bundles.
# New in version 1.3.2
* Fixed a crash when closing document windows
* Fixed a crash when pasting text in visual mode
* Fixed a crash when saving fails due to permission denied
* Fixed a crash when closing another tab by clicking the X icon
* Fixed a crash when fuzzy filtering files
* Prevent symlink loops in file explorer
* Added support for submitting crash reports
# New in version 1.3.1
## Bugfixes
* Many memory leaks have been fixed.
* Garbage collection is no longer used.
* Externally modified documents that aren't edited in Vico are now automatically reverted.
To go back to the old behaviour of always asking if Vico should revert a document:
$ defaults write se.bzero.vico alwaysAskModifiedDocument -bool true
* Allow scrolling beyond last screenful with <ctrl-e>.
* Implement the ' and ` marks. Use `` to jump back to the last jump.
* Unbreak :quit behaviour.
* Caret screen update artifacts fixed.
* Implement detaching of split views to new windows (bound to <ctrl-w>D)
* <command-n> now opens a new window (<command-shift-N> opens a new untitled document)
* Fix a crash in the file explorer when filtering symlinked directories.
# New in version 1.3
* Project search using Ack
* Highlighting of matching smart pairs
* Added `zt`, `zb` and `zz` commands; scrolls the screen relative the caret position
* Block text objects added: `i[`, `ib`, `iB` and `i<`, as well as the 'a' counterparts
* "Breadcrumbs" folder navigation in file explorer
* Support for Finder aliases in the file explorer
* Added setting for blinking caret
* Added boolean 'clipboard' setting; when enabled (default off), yanks by default into '+' register (the clipboard)
* Ctrl-u and ctrl-w recognized in insert mode
* Standard Cocoa alt-backspace / alt-delete keys recognized in insert mode
* Command line helper can now open files in new windows with -n option
* Themes with dark backgrounds now use a white I-beam mouse cursor
* Added the `gv` command (re-select last selection)
* Global (uppercase) marks jump between files
* Mark locations are adjusted for inserted/deleted text
* All open documents can now be reverted at once when externally modified
* Added `+` and `-` commands
* Word completion now honors the `ignorecase` and `smartcase` settings
## Bugfixes
* Fixed delete problem with non-western input methods
* Fixed weird caret size and position with RTL unicode characters
* Copied bundles no longer results in duplicate bundle commands
* Fixed enabling of certain menu items, and make vi menu items respond to key events
* Tags files with absolute paths are now recognized
* Fixed cases where filesystem changes wasn't noticed by the file explorer
* Better handling of symlinked folders in the file explorer
* Make line number font size follow editor font size
* The '=' command now indents properly over multiple lines
* Tweaks for better TextMate bundle compatibility
* `:edit!` now reverts the open document
* Preserve POSIX permissions and uid/gid when saving over SFTP
* Command-clicking in explorer now selects the file
(changed, but not visible / yet usable for the user)
! Added themeing of underline style and color as well as text shadow
# New in version 1.2
* Lion compatibility bugs fixed
* Lion fullscreen support
* Fuzzy find no longer requires the toolbar to be visible
* Improved indentation behaviour (should match TextMate behaviour more closely)
* Shift operators (`<` and `>`) now honors a count in visual mode
* Added `gdefault` setting (use `:set gdefault`) -- makes `:s` always use `g` option (globally replace all occurrences on a line)
* Support transparent backgrounds in themes
* Reworked ex command parsing; allow for customizing and adding of new user-defined ex commands
* Added `gi` vi command; enter insert mode where insert mode was last exited)
* Fix creating new folders for SFTP
* Shows .htaccess and version control .ignore files in explorer by default
* added `wrapscan` setting (enabled by default, use `:set nowrapscan` to turn it off) -- makes searches wrap around to beginning of document
* added `@` vi command; execute content of a register as vi normal mode -- `q` is still missing, but you can yank into a register
* expand `%` and `#` characters in ex edit commands
* `:set` can now toggle boolean variables with `:set var!` or `:set invvar`