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Plugin for leaflet that creates a customizable timeline slider
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Leaflet plugin that creates a customizable timeline slider. Original implementation of timeline at


  • Leafelt 1.4.0
  • jQuery 3.3.1
  • Tested with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Compatible with Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome

Instructions for Use

After loading leaflet css, leaflet js and jQuery in your HTML, include the downloaded js file from this repository:


    <link rel="stylesheet" href=""
    <script src=""

    <script src="leaflet-timeline-slider.min.js"></script>

Outside of controlling the aesthetics of the timeline, the main functionality of the timeline in relation to your map comes in the changeMap and extraChangeMapParams options. The changeMap function is your customizable function which is triggered everytime the timeline is changed. Your changeMap function can acess the timeline range value and/or label of the current selection through value and label parameters that get passed to the function on any change. extraChagneMapParams is an object that allows you to include any other parameters your function uses during its execution.


Example Usage

                timelineItems: ["Day 1", "The Next Day", "Amazing Event", "1776", "12/22/63", "1984"],
                extraChangeMapParams: {greeting: "Hello World!"}, 
                changeMap: changeMapFunction })


Options get passed to the timeline slider function in an options object. See table below for full description of customizable options for your timeline.

Option Description Default
position Corner of map timeline will go "bottomright"
timelineItems Array of names that will be used as timeline events ["Today", "Tomorrow", "The Next Day"]
extraChangeMapParams Object with user defined values or variables that the changeMap function uses. {}
changeMap Function that will execute when element of timeline is chosen. Function can access timeline value (1 through length of timeline), timeline label, or map through value, label, and map keywords. Function can also access extra user defined parameters through extraChangeMapParams. function({label, value, map}) { console.log("You are not using the value or label from the timeline to change the map."); }
initializeChange Boolean indicating whether you want changeMap function to run when timeline is first loaded true
thumbHeight Height in pixels of moving thumb "4.5px"
labelWidth Width in pixels between labels on timeline "80px"
betweenLabelAndRangeSpace Size in pixels of space between timeline and labels "20px"
labelFontSize Size in pixels of timeline labels "14px"
activeColor Color of timeline and labels when active "#37adbf"
inactiveColor Color of timeline and labels when inactive "#8e8e8e"
backgroundOpacity Opacity of background of timeline 0.75
backgroundColor Color of background of timeline "#ffffff"
topBgPadding Top padding in pixels for background "10px"
bottomBgPadding Bottom padding in pixels for background "0px"
rightBgPadding Right padding in pixels for background "30px"
leftBgPadding Right padding in pixels for background "30px"
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