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Question2Answer User Activity Plus plugin
return array(
'questions_by' => 'Questions asked by ^',
'answers_by' => 'Answers posted by ^',
'all_questions_by' => 'All questions by ^',
'all_answers_by' => 'All answers by ^',
'all_questions' => 'All questions',
'all_answers' => 'All answers',
'more_activity' => 'More activity',
'question' => 'question',
'questions' => 'questions',
'answer' => 'answer',
'answers' => 'answers',
'vote' => 'vote',
'votes' => 'votes',
'best_answer_given' => 'answer selected',
'best_answers_given' => 'answers selected',
'best_answer_received' => 'best answer',
'best_answers_received' => 'best answers',
'admin_nocss' => 'Don\'t add CSS inline',
'admin_nocss_note' => 'Tick if you added the CSS to your own stylesheet (more efficient).',
'no_user' => 'User does not exist',
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