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A simple websocket wrapper enabling RPC communication with the steem client steemd for node.js and browsers.


This library is available as an NPM module:

npm install steem-rpc

If you would like to use it in a browser, browser builds are available in /build. An example is provided in examples/index.html

Node/Webpack/Browserify usage

The library needs to initialize a connection and retrieve some api references before it is ready to be used. By default steem-rpc will attempt to connect to a public API node provided by xeroc at wss://

A simple init and use case can be seen in examples/example.js and can be launched with npm run example:

const options = {
	// user: "username",
	// pass: "password",
	// url: "ws://localhost:9090",
	// debug: false
var {Client} = require("steem-rpc");
var Api = Client.get({}, true);

Api.initPromise.then(response => {
	console.log("Api ready:", response);

	Api.database_api().exec("get_dynamic_global_properties", []).then(response => {
		console.log("get_dynamic_global_properties", response);

If you'd like to use another server, simply pass the new websocket url in the options object:

const options = {
	url: "ws://localhost:9090"

This library borrows heavily from James Calfee's websocket RPC implementation for the Bitshares GUI which can be found here:

Example api commands

There's a handy "shortcut" api call that will get you a global state object:

get_state(string route)

You can call this with an empty string, or with a category like trending.

Api.database_api().exec("get_state", ["trending"]).then(response => {
	console.log("get_state", response);

There is no api call to fetch all possible calls, but one can look through the STEEM source code in order to find the available commands with their expected inputs:

Database api Market history api Network broadcast api ++


Javascript WebSocket rpc library for Steem




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