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Steve's No-Good-Very-Bad Jekyll Theme

This is my custom Jekyll theme, which is basically Joel Glovier's jekyll-new theme smashed with Alex King's Favepersonal theme for Wordpress. I used Favepersonal for my Wordpress site before abandoning it. You can see my site at

Much of what is contained in here is derivative of those two works. That said, do observe the embedpdf.html and image.html files in the _includes directory. embedpdf.html uses Google Docs to allow for embedding of PDF files hosted on Dropbox. image.html provides fancier images than what is standard for Markdown. An example use of embedpdf.html can be observed in the file. An example use of image.html can be observed in the file.

I use data-driven navigation, which you can see in the menu.yml file in the _data directory. There's also a nav.html file in the _includes directory with modified header.html.

Mobile support is clearly functional, though some white-spacing could be improved. Feel free to offer improvements if you'd like.

css and _sass directories also functional, if a bit cluttered. Do observe new colors I created for $clemson-orange and $clemson-purple in css/main.scss.

Feel free to contact me at Send along some cheers too if you find it useful.


This is my no-good-very-bad template for Jekyll (modified from jekyll-new and Alex King's Favepersonal).




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