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Remove some magic from the Nginx passenger support.

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1 parent c5e12b1 commit 8d3545d9fb8769f812c32f723a76b45153e27881 @svoop committed
Showing with 8 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +8 −4 www-servers/nginx/nginx-1.0.4.ebuild
12 www-servers/nginx/nginx-1.0.4.ebuild
@@ -176,16 +176,20 @@ src_configure() {
# passenger
if use nginx_modules_http_passenger; then
- passenger_root=`passenger-config --root`
ewarn "Passenger is not supported by use of the Passenger ebuild anymore."
ewarn "Therefore, make sure you have installed and built the Passenger"
- ewarn "gem through RubyGems beforehand:"
+ ewarn "gem through RubyGems beforehand and set the PASSENGER_ROOT"
+ ewarn "environment variable accordingly:"
ewarn "- gem install passenger"
- ewarn "- cd ${passenger_root}"
+ ewarn "- export PASSENGER_ROOT=\$(passenger-config --root)"
+ ewarn "- cd \$PASSENGER_ROOT"
ewarn "- rake nginx RELEASE=yes"
- cp -pr "${passenger_root}" "${WORKDIR}/passenger-nginx-module"
+ if [ ! -n "$PASSENGER_ROOT" ]; then
+ die "Either set PASSENGER_ROOT or remove the passenger USE flag."
+ fi
+ cp -pr "${PASSENGER_ROOT}" "${WORKDIR}/passenger-nginx-module"
myconf="${myconf} --add-module=${WORKDIR}/passenger-nginx-module/ext/nginx"

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