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The mediawiki_filter extension adds support for Mediawiki markup on Radiant CMS pages. The syntax supported is limited to the featureset of the MediaCloth gem and a few enhancements thereof.

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Mediawiki Filter

Created by Sven Schwyn, Bitcetera. Inspired by the Markdown extension.

This Radiant extension adds support for Mediawiki markup.


  1. Install or update the MediaCloth gem:

    $ gem install mediacloth

  2. Install the extension:

    $ cd vendor/extensions $ git clone git:// mediawiki_filter

  3. Restart the server


The configuration of this extension is stored in the 'Radiant::Config' model. Either set the values on the script/console or open a database administration tool and do it directly on the 'config' table.


The mediawiki_filter implements a few workarounds as MediaCloth is everything but a complete Mediawiki markup parser:

  • Handle !! in table headers correctly.
  • Allow local links, example: [/profiles/kafka Franz Kafka]
  • Convert spaces inside <pre> blocks to non-breaking.


mediawiki_filter.add_blank? (default: true) This enhancement makes sure all external URLs are opened in a blank browser window.

mediawiki_filter.image_directory (default: '/images') Set this to the path of the images directory (which must be relative to the 'public' directory) if you wish to use [[Image]] markup. Example: If this key is set to '/images' the markup [[Image:me.jpg]] will render <img src="/images/me.jpg" alt="" />. If an image with the postfix '_zoomed' exists as well (me_zoomed.jpg in this case), the image is rendered as click-to-zoom <a href="/images/me_zoomed.jpg" rel="lightbox[zoomables]"><img src="/images/me.jpg" alt="" /></a>. Of course, Lightbox2 must be installed for this to work.

mediawiki_filter.media_directory (default: nil) Set this to the path of the media directory (which mus be relative to the 'public' directory) if you wish to use [[Media]] markup. Example: If this key is set to '/media' the markup [[|download]] will render <a href="/my_media/">download</a>.

mediawiki_filter.enable_workarounds? (default: true) Enable all workarounds mentioned in the workarounds chapter above.

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