User dashboard for Raspberry Pi based tablet.
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PiTabDashboard is a graphical utility to display the current state of a Raspberry Pi based tablet, as described here (, and to allow the user to change some power management settings:

  • displays system status:

    • battery voltage
    • estimated energy remaining
    • CPU/GPU temperature
  • lets user adjust power saving settings:

    • dim display when idle on battery power
    • enable external USB and audio (and the unused Ethernet port)
    • enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • displays concise information in its taskbar icon:

    • energy remaining both as a gauge and a number
    • gauge blinks at 2Hz when energy is below 5%
    • blinking lightning bolt at 1Hz indicates charging is in progress
    • solid lightning bolt indicates charging is complete

PiTabDashboard is intended to be used together with PiTabDaemon (