Windows 7 PHP 7 Dev Vagrant Box
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Windows 7 PHP 7 Dev Vagrant


Quickly spin up a Windows 7 environment for building PHP 7 to help with the gophp7-ext initiative.

Set up

  • Clone this repo
  • cd to this folder
  • vagrant up

The Windows Vagrant box is 7.6G!

The first time you run vagrant up could take a while to download the box file.

Included Software

Acknowledgements & Considerations

The base image of this box is from By using this image you are bound to the Windows 7 End Use License Agreement. A link to this agreement and other Modern.IE notes can be found here. You are also bound to the license agreements of the included software (See list above).

I am not a Windows expert by any stretch. If you can help make this faster / smaller / better please feel free to open a pull request or issue.

Getting Help

The PHP Wiki may be able to help with your issue. Please open an issue or ask for help in #gophp7-ext on the Freenode IRC network.


  • Feedback! Please open issues!

Thank you VERY MUCH to Carsten Brandt for hosting our .box file!