Sends String Data to Serial Port.
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What is this repo all about ?

This repository contains all processing code for the software/.exe file that sends String type data to Serial Port. This software is made with the sole purpose of helping Arduino Users in case they cannot use their Arduino IDE/Serial monitor of the Arduino IDE.

IDE : Processing 3.0a5 ( 16 November 2014 )

IDE Download Link :

EXE for Windows 32:

Before Running the Code:

  1. Make sure that your USB device which will receive the String data is connected to the pc.
  2. The COM Port number of the the USB device should be between 1 and 10. For Example: COM1, COM3, COM4, etc.


  1. If you are running the code, make sure to first click on the new applet that appears before inputting data.
  2. Enter the data. It will be accepted in String data type so all keyboard characters are valid.
  3. Hit Enter.