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My favorite podcasts

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I bike – alot. Training for triathlon and now also a 2x16km commute every day. Most of that time I listen to podcasts. For the toughest workouts I might switch to music, but most often I really enjoy the podcasts.

I have been listening for podcasts for 4+ years and when I find something I like I get more or less zealous and dread the day when they stop (Im looking at you LugRadio!). I will often change individual ranking, but I am very loyal towards my current list.

With regards to podcast software I used to use my IPod Touch and itunes, but now I’m using my Samsung Galaxy S II and Google Listen

Without further ado (sorted by current internal ranking – best at the top)

  • TechZing –  Jason Roberts and Justin Vincent about being or turning bootstrapped entrepreneur, and their current projects – Pluggio, AppIgnite and AnyFu. I really enjoy both their discussion shows and their excellent interviews. A couple of favorites:

    The best part about TechZing? – They are very productive (twice a week?) and the content level is always high as well as probably the best sound quality of all my podcasts (When using it on the bike, great level mastering is key as well as no-phone-level-quality)

  • This Developer’s Life – By Rob Connery and Scott Hanselman about being a developer – apparently in the format of the highly popular “This American Life”. The sound quality is excellent, the content inspiring, the editing fenomenal and the guests high profile and the angle is quirky and good! Worst thing about it: They dont release very often.

    My favorite past shows:

    • 1.0.3 Problems – about solving problems as a developer – This is the inagural episode that brought Hanselman on board – and illustrated with XKCD, what’s not to like?
    • 1.0.5 Homerun – about those developers that hit a home run. Inspiring
    • 1.1.2 Drive – About drive as a developer, about entrepreneurs. Very inspiring as well
  • Stackoverflow / Stackexchange podcast – By Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky (and guests) about the process of building and the rest of the stackexchange network. This is a testament to my loyalty. They took a break for almost a year and I never considered unsubscribing from the feed – they might come back :)

    This show is a bit all over the place with regards to topics, so I’m having a hard time selecting specific  favorites

In my next post I will detail the runner ups – or those that gets bumped when one of the above shows up in my queue.

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