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Parallel Groebner Basis Computation (beta 0.9)


This program is free software; see LICENSE.TXT for more details


This program provides an algorithm for parallel groebner basis computation. If you do not know, what a groebner basis is and what they are for, you may read on here Scholarpedia.

The code of the project is the result of my master thesis and a paper published to the Proceedings of CASC 2012 in Maribor. You can read the paper at Springer Link.


  • A compiler which supports C++11 (GCC4.4 should be fine, later versions are recommended)
  • Intel TBB
  • Boost, especially Boost.Regex (if you want to use the example binaries in test/)
  • OpenMP is optional but can speed up some more computations by parallelization
  • Several processors if you want to use the parallelization (dual or quadcores, etc.).
  • A processor which has SSE2, if not disable the SSE option in Makefile.rules.
  • openmpi and Boost.MPI if you want to do distributed parallelization, if not disable the MPI option in Makefile.rules.


If you need to configure some settings (SSE,MPI) just have a look into Makefile.rules

	vim Makefile.rules

Afterwards or if you'd like to use the default settings just execute


and if you have several CPUs, you can use

make -j<NUM_OF_PROCS>

If you experience any problems, then have a look to the Makefile.rules or contact the author


Compute the degree reverse lexicogrpahic gröbner basis of cyclic-8 with 4 threads and a lot of verbosity and without printing the groebner basis. The block size of the matrix is 1024. For computation the simplify algorithm is not used, the sugar cube selection strategy is.

./test/test-f4 ../input/cyclic8.txt 4 127 0 1024 0 1

In general you can compute with this binary using the following parameters:

./test/test-f4 <input-file> <processors> <verbosity> <printGB> <blocksize> <doSimplify> <withSugar>

If you have compiled the binary using MPI you can compute distributed:

	mpirun -np <slots> --host <hosts> ./test/test-f4 <...>

Checking functionality

The folder gb/ contains precomputed groebner bases over F_{32003} using degree reverse lexicographic term ordering (computed using ApCoCoA). Use

'make check'

to validate the functionality of parallelGBC.


Verbosity, which can be changed during runtime, nothing which should influence performance. It' is an additional parameter for the F4 operator(). Additionally you can give an output stream, which should be used for output. Default ist no verbosity and std::cout as output stream.

1 - Runtime

2 - Reduction time

4 - Prepare time

8 - Update time

16 - Print sugar degree during reduction step

32 - Print time of reduction step

64 - Print matrix size during reduction step

128 - Print all computed polynomials

Usage and example

If you want to use the code for your own project see test/test-f4.C as example.


For any questions you can contact Severin Neumann