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mqtt-smarthome semantic-release

This node application is a bridge between the Sonos and a mqtt server. The status of all your sonos devices will be published to mqtt and you can control the sonos speakers over mqtt.

It's intended as a building block in heterogenous smart home environments where an MQTT message broker is used as the centralized message bus. See MQTT Smarthome on Github for a rationale and architectural overview.

Check out the other bridges in the software list




Sonos typescript this library

This library depends on node-sonos-ts which I also developed. All other libraries using node-sonos-ts should also be able to implemented all the nice features included there. Like notifications or text-to-speech which are the coolest new additions for sonos2mqtt!

Beer or Coffee

I'm a big fan of beer and coffee. To provide something extra to everybody who is sponsoring me, I'll provide a hosted TTS server for all my sponsors.

This bridge and the sonos package took me a lot of hours to build, so I invite everyone using it to at least have a look at my Sponsor page. Even though the sponsoring tiers are monthly you can also cancel anytime 😉

Special thanks

The latest version of this bridge is inspired on hue2mqtt.js by Sabastian Raff. That was a great sample on how to create a globally installed, command-line, something2mqtt bridge.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Stephan van Rooij

💻 📖

Sven Werner

📦 💻

Matthias Burgfried




Martin Roth


Doug Melton




Emmanuel Venisse


Jonas Hansen


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!