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Signing up a new account in VSTS

Step 1 : Open in any browser

Step 2 : If you have an existing live/hotmail/outlook account Click Sign in

If you don't have any live ID, you can sign up for a new account

Step 3 : Creating a new VSTS account

Step 3.1 : Once you are logged in to VSTS, click on Create new account on landing screen

VSTS Create New Account

Step 3.2 : Provide Account creation details

  • Provide the name for your account
  • Choose the version control type between Git and TFVC
  • Provide the default team project name
  • Choose the type of software development methodology you want to use. The available options are : Agile/Scrum/CMMI
  • Choose the region where you want to hose your project

VSTS Account Settings

Step 3.3 : Click Continue to create the VSTS account

VSTS Account Landing