Testing Passport.js Authentication gated API routes with Mocha/Chai/Supertest
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Testing Passport.js Authentication gated API routes with Mocha/Chai/Supertest

I faced frustration in the lack of good advice on Stackoverflow and on the Passport.js or the Supertest documentation regarding testing.

In my searching, this medium post came closest: https://medium.com/@juha.a.hytonen/testing-authenticated-requests-with-supertest-325ccf47c2bb

However, these are all callback based which caused bugs. I eventually promisified these functions to fit them within the modern mocha testing framework.

These examples should be easy to copy and easy to use. Please send PR's if there are important edge cases you want to test.

Big picture insights

To test api routes with authentication, you need to have cookies corresponding to your session.

This cookie can be manually set in supertest, or automatically included with superagent. In this repo I demonstrate how to test authenticated APIs with both.

How To

git clone https://github.com/sw-yx/AuthApiTesting.git
cd AuthApiTesting
npm install
npm test

the important file is api.spec.js. go nuts!

Talk to me @swyx on twitter