my bots for halite 2 written over 2 days. highest rank is the viable settler attacker bot (v5) - rank 760ish
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postmortem of bots

  • v1-3 - basic default settler bot provided by halite, just feeling my way around
  • v4 - settler attacker bot from PythonProgramming
  • v5 (most successful) - viable settler attacker bot - instead of only settling unoccupied planets, settle on empty spots on occupied planets too

all my other attempts on modifiying this failed

  • v6 (failed) - planetRank - attempting to come up with a formula so you incorporate planet size and enemy position as well as distance to planet (which was the only thing the naive code considered)
  • v6 - battlemode - the moment you have a numerical superiority, attack all ships
  • v7 - battlemode undock - the moment you have numerical superiority, undock and attack all ships
  • v8 - (resubmission of v5 since prior attempts were doing poorer)
  • v9 - bumrush - if you can reach the other enemy ships within the first 20-50 turns, attack them immediately without trying to dock at all
  • v10 - rambo - have a single ship split off and only attack docked enemy ships

this repo is at: