a curated list of awesome dev podcasts and why they are awesome
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a curated list of awesome dev podcasts and why they are awesome. I don't like normal "awesome" lists because they are usually not well maintained and are typically placed without an explanation of awesome, so here i will actually go out on a limb and say what i think. i'm a webdev and former finance guy so those are my biases.

list started in response to AMA with @lucidsif

note: links are incomplete because i havent had the time to link stuff up, you're gonna wanna just punch them in to your podcatcher anyway

Technical Podcasts

1. Javascript

  • Devchat.TV Master feed (Javascript Jabber, My JS Story): for some good JS interviews as well as picks (at the end)
  • React Native Radio: by the React Native Training guys, what it says on the tin
  • The React Podcast: Michael Jackson's new podcast (not to be confused with React30), 'nuff said.
  • JAMStack Radio: Netlify/Heavybit marketing for the JAMStack idea
  • Egghead.io developer chats: by egghead.io instructors :)
  • Syntax.fm: Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski are full of tasty treats and sicccccck picks
  • Adventures in Angular: a weekly podcast dedicated to the Angular JavaScript framework and related technologies, tools, languages, and practices. Very good interviews and great picks.
  • The Vanilla JavaScript Podcast: a show about JavaScript for people who hate the complexity of modern front‑end web development, hosted by Chris Ferdinandi.
  • JSParty: JS party is back with a huge panel of hosts!

2. Non JS Webdev Technical podcasts

  • The Big Web Show: General Web design show: "web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography, web technology, and more. It's everything web that matters." Great guests like Jen Simmons.
  • The Changelog: Interviews of Open Source people. I skip a lot of these but its good to keep tabs on the huge world outside of JS.
  • Codepen Radio: The inside look at the technical decisions behind Codepen.io. the early episodes are a GOLDMINE for entrepreogrammers (more below) but now its more just "what's going on with Codepen".
  • Shoptalk Show: Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert talk webdev. 'nuff said.
  • Toolsday: Una Kravets (Bustle) and Chris Dhanaraj (Netflix) do 20 minutes of tech tools, tips, and tricks. Always worth clicking through to show notes and checking out their recs.
  • Non Breaking Space Show: good webdev guests, not really sure what the theme is apart from generic frontend.
  • The New Stack: Devops/Cloud topics - honestly a lot of it is above me but this is the most approachable by far.
  • Fixate on Code: More good webdev guests :)
  • GraphQL Radio: all about the GraphQL
  • The Web Platform: starts of with 2 minutes of browser news, and then has awesome webdev guests
  • Elm Town: A podcast about writing Web apps in the Elm language, and the people who make up the community
  • Reason Town: A podcast about writing Javascript with the Reason language, and the people who make up the community

3. Non Webdev Technical podcasts

  • Coding Blocks: Reading through and discussing coding style books. Awesome slack community you can find me on daily :)
  • Talk Python To Me: does a great job of keeping python topics accessible. Stark contrast to the monotone of Podcast.init (the other big python podcast)
  • Data Skeptic: Kyle Polich mansplains data science to his wife Linh Da and she constantly gives him shit. I love it.
  • Linear Digressions: Ben and Katie talk data science, usually with a lame pun
  • Not So Standard Deviations: Roger Peng (professor somewhere) and Hilary Parker (stitchfix) talk data science
  • LambdaCast: functional programming for humans, surprisingly large following.
  • Machine Learning Guide: very intense topical coverage of ML topics
  • TWiMLAI: This Week In Machine Learning and AI: Sam Charrington, THE AI/ML podcast, huge.
  • MS Dev Show: Carl and Jason interview people working on technology that Microsoft developers would find interesting
  • Inside Facebook Mobile: highlights the technical work of FB's engineers who will discuss everything from low-level frameworks to end-user features by mobile devs

Entreprogrammer Podcasts

Crypto Podcasts

Nontechnical Podcasts

  • Stanford DFJ ETL: Stanford entrepreneurship talks - a lot of OG founders are on here
  • Psychology of Video Games: studying addictiveness from the masters
  • Stack Overflow podcast: hilarious
  • The Startup Chat: sales/marketing quick hits
  • Zen Founder: therapy sessions with Sherry and Rob Walling
  • Using Reflection: Mark Weiss talks to people about their tech careers
  • Impostor Syndrome: Shameless self plug! long form stories of a panel of people before, during, and after a bootcamp
  • Second Career Devs: Kyle Shevlin talks to career changers into development

Generalist Podcasts (Nontechnical as well as Technical Content)

  • Software Engineering Daily: a wide variety of content from cloud to blockchain. very good intro pieces by Jeff Meyerson.
  • YCombinator: YC podcast, more inspirational than practical. recorded video also.
  • a16z: great topic choices from a16z
  • acquired.fm: about tech acquisitions and trends
  • The Bike Shed: Thoughtbot's podcast
  • China Tech Talk: covering China's tech scene
  • Command Line Heroes: Saron Yitbarek covers old tech stories
  • The Economist: Babbage: The Economist tech column for free
  • Exponent.fm: Ben Thompson talks about his weekly articles
  • FreeCodeCamp podcast: good FCC articles read aloud
  • Autonocast: covering our self driving future
  • Frontend Happy Hour: bunch of senior devs (Netflix, Atlassian, etc) drink and talk webdev

Dead Podcasts with good backlogs

  • Javascript Air: Kent dodds' old podcast with a ton of big guests
  • React30: Michael Jackson and Ryan Florence's old podcast about React
  • This Developing Story: Good guests
  • Zero To Scale: Ended entrepreneurship podcasts
  • Fullstack Javascript podcast: random list of JS tips
  • Partially Derivative: dead data science podcast by Chris and Vidya
  • Product Hunt: produc thunt podcast
  • The Web Ahead: by Jen Simmons
  • 3 Minutes with Kent: Kent Dodds in 3 minutes
  • Mapping The Journey: interviews with very very OG creators of tech

TODO: Recommended but havent listened

  • Soft Skills Engineering: "Soft Skills Engineering is a weekly advice podcast for software developers. We answer questions about all the stuff you didn't realize you needed to know about being an engineer"

Podcast Tools (from @BrianSchroer)

  • Huffduffer: Build your own RSS podcast feed from .mp3 files found anywhere on the web (e.g. individual episodes of podcasts that you might not want to subscribe to)
  • Programming Podcasts (@prodpodcasts) Twitter account: Tweets new episode announcements for several podcasts - Great way to discover new podcasts or episodes to listen to