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Make JAMstack apps, not just sites, with Gatsby + Netlify Identity + Netlify Functions
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Make JAMstack apps, not sites with Gatsby + Netlify Identity + Netlify Functions

This is a fork of which shows how to use Netlify Identity and Netlify Functions with Gatsby. Start here for your next JAMstack hackathon or use this as a reference implementation.

Netlify Status

3 minute video walkthrough


Make your own from scratch!

Check our post on the Gatsby blog: Turning the Static Dynamic: Gatsby + Netlify Functions + Netlify Identity

How to start

You can clone and deploy this sample project with one click: Deploy to Netlify

Basically these are the extra dependencies it adds:

Enabling Netlify Identity

If you are not using the Deploy to Netlify button (which has the &stack=cms parameter that automatically sets it up for you), you will have to enable Netlify Identity manually yourself. Just head to and enable it, so that your netlify-identity-widget works.

Further Documentation in nested READMEs

  • please see the src README for explanation on the layout
  • please see the app README for explanation on the app

Other Resources

Other useful resources/reference projects that may help you:

Please contact @swyx if you need more help with Netlify.

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