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London Clojure Dojo 27/03/2012 - Team 5 - Game Of Life

At the London Clojure Dojo on 27/03/2012 Team 5 produced a smoke and mirrors implementation of the classic Conway's Game Of Life. The code we demo'd there is the first checkin to this repo. But the implementation has now been mostly completed and is working (for certain definitions of working)

It's based on lein-cljsbuild, Ring, and Compojure.
It tries to focus only on the clojurescript specifics (i.e. very minimal changes to the Ring and Compojure stuff that come in the lein-cljsbuild simple example project)

It demonstrates the use of lein-cljsbuild to build ClojureScript into JavaScript.

Changes made since the dojo are:

  • larger 'board' (100x50) by default, see constants in model.cljs
  • Timer works to update the board periodically.
  • grid state is stored in an atom and the view observes changes to the state by adding a listener which in turns sits on top of the (add-watch) functionality for atoms in clojure/clojurescript.
  • incorporate and update game logic supplied by Daniel Barlow (another member of the team)

Suggestions for further enhancements (pull requests welcome)

  • Implement some UI controls to start/stop, reload randomized board etc.
  • Add some UI to allow loading of well known start points The Glider Gun looks good!
  • Death / Life animations?

To play around with this example project, you will first need Leiningen installed.

Running the App

Set up and start the server like this:

$ lein deps
$ lein ring server-headless 3000

Now, point your web browser at http://localhost:3000, and see the web app in action!