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Main org for projects around the sw360 project

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  1. sw360portal Public archive

    We have moved and *archived* this repository. Pls. continue at the new place at ... A software component catalogue application - designed to work with FOSSology.

    Java 34 22

  2. sw360chores Public archive

    WARNING - Work in Progress - It is not Bug Free! Use with Caution. This repository contains Dockerfiles and accompanying scripts that allow deployment of sw360 via docker

    Shell 14 20

  3. Vagrant-based, Puppet-based scripting for sw360 deloyment in one virtual machine. It is for project at eclipse/sw360. It will download Liferay Community Edition 7.3.4 GA5

    Ruby 7 15

  4. sw360rest Public archive

    A REST API for sw360: has been integrated into the main project, which is now at eclipse/sw360

    Java 6 3

  5. This a repository for slides about SW360 in order to present it in a long session, or maybe for reusing slides for a tailored presentation.

    6 4

  6. Java 3


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