This package is DEPRECATED. Please use the packages `grf` or `ranger` instead, which have built-in confidence intervals.
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πŸ”΄ This package is deprecated. Please use one of the following packages instead: πŸ”΄

  • grf, which has built-in support for resampling-based confidence intervals, or
  • ranger, which has an actively maintained version of the infinitesimal jackknife for random forests.

πŸ”΄ Both packages are available from CRAN. πŸ”΄

Confidence intervals for random forests using the infinitesimal jackknife, as developed by Efron (2014) and Wager et al. (2014).

To install this package in R, run the following commands:


Example usage:


# Make some data...
n = 250
p = 100
X = matrix(rnorm(n * p), n, p)
Y = rnorm(n)
#  Run the method
rf = randomForest(X, Y, keep.inbag = TRUE)
ij = randomForestInfJack(rf, X, calibrate = TRUE)



Efron, Bradley. Estimation and accuracy after model selection. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 109(507), 2014. [link]

Wager, Stefan, Trevor Hastie, and Bradley Efron. Confidence intervals for random forests: The jackknife and the infinitesimal jackknife. The Journal of Machine Learning Research, 15(1), 2014. [link]