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Swagger Playframework Sample App


This is a scala project to build a stand-alone server which implements the Swagger spec. You can find out more about both the spec and the framework at For more information about Wordnik's APIs, please visit There is an online version of this server at

Version compatibility

This version is compatible with Play 2.3.0 and Swagger 1.3.12

To build Swagger from source (optional)

Please follow instructions to build the top-level swagger-core project

To run

The swagger-play2 module lives in maven central:

val appDependencies: Seq[sbt.ModuleID] = Seq(
  /* your other dependencies */
  "com.wordnik" %% "swagger-play2" % "1.3.12"

You can run the sample app as such:

play run

The application will listen on port 9000 and respond to http://localhost:9000/api-docs

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