Validate your Swagger JSON/YAML today!
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Swagger Validator Badge

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This project shows a "valid swagger" badge on your site. There is an online version hosted on You can also pull a docker image of the validator directly from DockerHub.

You can validate any OpenAPI specification against the OpenAPI 2.0 Schema as follows:

<img src="{YOUR_URL}">

Of course the YOUR_URL needs to be addressable by the validator (i.e. won't find anything on localhost). If it validates, you'll get a nice green VALID logo. Failures will give an INVALID logo, and if there are errors parsing the specification or reaching it, an ugly red ERROR logo.

For example, using as a source, we get ...

If your specification fails to validate for some reason, or if there is an error, you can get more information on why by visiting{YOUR_URL}.

Since the validator uses a browserless back-end to fetch the contents and schema, it's not subject to the terrible world of CORS.

You can also post a spec up to the service with CURL:

curl -X POST -d @swagger.json -H 'Content-Type:application/json'

In this example, swagger.json is the swagger definition in JSON format, in the CWD.

Running locally

You can build and run the validator locally:

mvn package jetty:run

And access the validator like such: