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Update position when scope changes #19

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In update, position remains the same when scope changes. I think that a solution should be to trigger add_to_list_bottom but I can't think of any global way, especially in complex scope cases. When it is just a field I use something like this

class TodoItem < ActiveRecord::Base
    belongs_to :todo_list
    acts_as_list :scope => :todo_list
    before_update :change_position

   def change_position
     add_to_list_bottom if todo_list_id_changed?

Is there a better way?


The use case here is when you move an item from one list to another. Thats a good use case and worth as feature. Let me think over this and get back to you.

@swanandp swanandp was assigned

I would also find this useful, since I am using this with acts_as_tree as well and this needs this functionality.
Also discussed (from 2009 though) at


Ah, I forgot all about this.


There is no sure way of doing this, since you cannot predict what behavior is intended. We can however accept a block as callbacks or hooks.

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