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when position is null all new items get inserted in position 1 #41

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I'm using 'remove_from_list' and a deleted_at attribute to remove items from list. The problem is that when creating a new record, if there are other records in the list with position of null, all new records get set to position 1. A workaround I've used is to set a default scope of :conditions => (:position ^ nil), but it seems to me at least, that the private method 'bottom_item' should have a default condition of position not nil.


You can use other boolean column.
I think that position column should not have NULL value.


True. If you look at it from a semantic perspective, a list cannot have items w/o position.


I see your point. But why is there a remove_from_list method? What would be a use-case for this method?


I've added some code to pull #72 which fixes this issue. Now items which have been removed from the list and respond false to :in_list? will not be fetched from :bottom_item. This is important because otherwise :add_to_list_bottom breaks.


@swanandp Any chance of getting the fixes in #72 merged in?


@nathany Done!

@swanandp swanandp closed this
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