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a stylish Jekyll theme
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Tranquil theme (demo) is a stylish Jekyll template originally designed for my blog.


  • Responsive design
  • Mathematics with Latex notation
  • Comment threads
  • Pagination
  • Browsing by categories/tags
  • Archive: posts timeline
  • Homepage slider of feature posts
  • Blog widgets
  • Back to top button
  • Vintage fashion

Quick-start guide

  1. Assume you already installed Jekyll following instructions.
  2. Fork and clone tranquil-theme.
  3. Edit site options in _config.yml, create your own posts in _post/.
  4. Run jekyll serve under site directory and your site is on now!

Some notes

  • edit your social accounts in _data/social.yaml
  • assign ONE category for each post
  • add feature into tags if you want to show post at homepage slider
  • go to images/ and place sidebar portrait pic and ads pic
  • if MathJax is enabled, use \[...\] for displayed mathematics and \(...\) for in-line mathematics
  • ADVANCED: if you want to further customize your site, look over Jekyll to understand how it works, also check html/css/javascript tutorials and liquid language to learn code.

site configurations

Variable Description
baseurl the subpath of the site
paginate posts per pagination
disqus_forumname create a site on disqus and put the forum name here
aboutme a description about self
ads ads banner image path

post configurations

Variable Description
background post's feature picture
category put ONE category for each post
tags a list of tags
math set true or false to enable MathJax mathematics
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