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`:coding-system` / `:coding-systems` discrepancy #18

sellout opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Looks like there has been some change in the past year or so that changed a keyword at least. Here is what got written to my *Messages* buffer:

Versions differ: 2012-02-07 (slime) vs. 2010-11-13 (swank). Continue? (y or n) y
error in process filter: cond: Keyword argument :coding-system not one of (:coding-systems)
error in process filter: Keyword argument :coding-system not one of (:coding-systems)

and here's the node side:

$ node swank.js
   info  - started
Handler.prototype.receive(): (:emacs-rex (swank:connection-info) "COMMON-LISP-USER" t 1)
info = {"pid":53425,"encoding":{"codingSystem":"utf-8","externalFormat":"UTF-8"},"packageSpec":{"name":"NODE","prompt":"NODE"},"implementation":{"type":"JS","name":"JS","version":"1.5"},"version":"2010-11-13"}
response: 0000d3(:return (:ok (:encoding (:coding-system "utf-8" :external-format "UTF-8") :lisp-implementation (:name "JS" :type "JS" :version "1.5") :package (:name "NODE" :prompt "NODE") :pid 53425 :version "2010-11-13")) 1)
@ivan4th ivan4th referenced this issue from a commit
@ivan4th ivan4th Updated for the latest wire protocol, thus fixing issue #18 and break…
…ing older SLIMEs. Upgrade your SLIME now!

Thank you for reporting the issue. Fixed.

@ivan4th ivan4th closed this

Works like a charm. Thanks for the fix.

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