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Swank.js is swank.

Welcome to the Swank.js wiki! As a wiki it is editable by anyone (with a github account). We encourage other people to contribute to the wiki.

swank-js provides Slime REPL and other development tools for in-browser JavaScript and Node.js. It consists of SWANK backend and accompanying SLIME contrib. Socket.IO is used to communicate with wide range of web browsers.

Currently Swank-js provides an REPL with an ability to work with multiple browser connections, supports dynamic updates of JavaScript code using C-c C-c / C-M-x, provides debug output function and an ability to reload web pages in the browser or refresh their CSS using Emacs commands.

Many aspects of full-fledged SWANK backends aren’t implemented yet, there’s no debugger/completion/autodoc and so on, but as I plan to use swank-js a lot in future there’s a good chance many of these features will be eventually added.

Start a swank-js session within the context of a browser
Start a swank-js session on an empty Node.js context)
Embed Swank server in a Node.js application
Start a swank-js session within the context of a running Node.js process (be careful!)