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@@ -10,12 +10,24 @@ lein swank
You can then connect to this REPL.
+I highly recommend using Emacs/SLIME or Enclojure. It's critical when you're starting out to be able to jump around to source definition. In Emacs this can be done with *M-.*.
h1. Tricks
If you pass a display-proxy function to your app you can interact with the tutorials without having to restar the application completely.
h1. Trouble Shooting
+h2. Missing function
+Some of the OpenGL has not been brought into Penumbra. However it's simple to import these things yourself with *gl-import*. For example *glClearDepth* has been imported but you can use it in your code like so:
+(gl-import glClearDepth clear-depth)
+h2. Signatures
The signatures of your methods are *really* important.
(defn reshape [[x y width height] state]
1 src/clj_nehe/tutorial1.clj
@@ -29,7 +29,6 @@
;; Fns
(defn init [state]
- (println "init")
(app/title! "Nehe Tutorial 2")
(app/vsync! false)
(app/display-mode! *width* *height*)

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