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A demo ClojureScript project for BK.js and NYC.js. I recommend using this project with Sublime Text 2. Install Sublime Text 2, install Sublime Text Package Control, use that to install the SublimeREPL package, and finally, install Leiningen 1.7.

From the Sublime Text 2 menu, Preferences > Browse Packages. You'll be taken to the Packages folder, open SublimeREPL/config/Clojure/Main.sublime-menu. Add a new command that looks like this:

To get to a command line repl that runs code directly in the browser, rather than using Sublime Text 2, check the

{"command": "repl_open", 
 "caption": "ClojureScript",
 "id": "repl_clojurescript",
 "args": {
    "type": "subprocess",
    "encoding": "utf8",
    "cmd": {"windows": ["lein", "trampoline", "cljsbuild", "repl-listen"],
            "linux": ["lein", "trampoline", "cljsbuild", "repl-listen"],
            "osx":  ["lein", "trampoline", "cljsbuild", "repl-listen"]},
    "soft_quit": "\n(. System exit 0)\n",
    "cwd": {"windows":"c:/Clojure", // where the lein.bat lives!
            "linux": "$file_path",
            "osx": "$file_path"},
    "syntax": "Packages/Clojure/Clojure.tmLanguage",
    "external_id": "clojure",
    "extend_env": {"INSIDE_EMACS": "1"}

and save the file.

From this repo's directory run:

lein deps

To get this project's dependencies.

In order to have the most pleasant workflow you should setup lein-cljsbuild to watch your ClojureScript files with

lein cljsbuild auto

Now open the src/cljs_demo/core.cljs file from this repo. With the file focused you can start a Clojure SublimeREPL via the menu Tools > SublimeREPL > Clojure > ClojureScript. You should see a new REPL. This REPL will hang until you open index.html (you can it find at the root level of the repo) in a browser. Once the browser has loaded try to run a simple expression like (+ 1 2) at the REPL. If you've successfully connected, you should see a proper return value for that expression. You may need to refresh the browser if you don't get a response right away.

F2+b will trigger evaluating the s-expression before the cursor. Evaluate the namespace expression first, this will put the REPL in the right namespace. You can now evaluate the various forms in file at your leisure. Happy hacking!

Copyright © 2012 David Nolen

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.