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1 parent 9239254 commit 5c7705be3eaf67c23944782d9ffad7f26c28eb95 David Nolen committed May 11, 2012
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32 src/mori/zip.cljs
@@ -0,0 +1,32 @@
+ (:refer-clojure :exclude [replace next remove])
+ (:require [ :as zip]))
+;; Zippers
+(def ^:export zipper zip/zipper)
+(def ^:export seq-zip zip/seq-zip)
+(def ^:export vector-zip zip/vector-zip)
+(def ^:export node zip/node)
+(def ^:export is-branch zip/branch)
+(def ^:export children zip/children)
+(def ^:export make-node zip/make-node)
+(def ^:export path zip/path)
+(def ^:export lefts zip/lefts)
+(def ^:export rights zip/rights)
+(def ^:export down zip/down)
+(def ^:export up zip/up)
+(def ^:export root zip/root)
+(def ^:export right zip/right)
+(def ^:export rightmost zip/rightmost)
+(def ^:export left zip/left)
+(def ^:export leftmost zip/leftmost)
+(def ^:export insert-left zip/insert-left)
+(def ^:export insert-right zip/insert-right)
+(def ^:export replace zip/replace)
+(def ^:export edit zip/edit)
+(def ^:export insert-child zip/insert-child)
+(def ^:export append-child zip/append-child)
+(def ^:export next zip/next)
+(def ^:export prev zip/prev)
+(def ^:export is-end zip/end?)
+(def ^:export remove zip/remove)

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