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(ns blog.autocomplete.core
[cljs.core.async.macros :refer [go]])
[goog.userAgent :as ua]
[ :as events]
[clojure.string :as string]
[cljs.core.async :refer [>! <! alts! chan sliding-buffer put!]]
[blog.responsive.core :as resp]
[blog.utils.dom :as dom]
[blog.utils.helpers :as h]
[blog.utils.reactive :as r]))
(def base-url
;; -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Interface representation protocols
(defprotocol IHideable
(-hide! [view])
(-show! [view]))
(defprotocol ITextField
(-set-text! [field txt])
(-text [field]))
(defprotocol IUIList
(-set-items! [list items]))
;; =============================================================================
;; Autocompleter, pure process logic untainted by HTML concerns
(defn menu-proc [select cancel menu data]
(let [ctrl (chan)
sel (->> (resp/selector
(resp/highlighter select menu ctrl)
menu data)
(r/filter vector?)
(r/map second))]
(go (let [[v sc] (alts! [cancel sel])]
(do (>! ctrl :exit)
(if (or (= sc cancel)
(= v ::resp/none))
(defn autocompleter* [{:keys [focus query select cancel menu] :as opts}]
(let [out (chan)
[query raw] (r/split r/throttle-msg? query)]
(go (loop [items nil focused false]
(let [[v sc] (alts! [raw cancel focus query select])]
(= sc focus)
(recur items true)
(= sc cancel)
(do (-hide! menu)
(>! (:query-ctrl opts) (h/now))
(recur items (not= v :blur)))
(and focused (= sc query))
(let [[v c] (alts! [cancel ((:completions opts) (second v))])]
(if (or (= c cancel) (zero? (count v)))
(do (-hide! menu)
(recur nil (not= v :blur)))
(-show! menu)
(-set-items! menu v)
(recur v focused))))
(and items (= sc select))
(let [_ (reset! (:selection-state opts) true)
_ (>! (:query-ctrl opts) (h/now))
choice (<! ((:menu-proc opts) (r/concat [v] select)
(r/fan-in [raw cancel]) menu items))]
(reset! (:selection-state opts) false)
(-hide! menu)
(if (= choice ::cancel)
(recur nil (not= v :blur))
(do (-set-text! (:input opts) choice)
(>! out choice)
(recur nil focused))))
(recur items focused)))))
;; =============================================================================
;; HTML Specific Code, DANGER DANGER DANGER Quarantine Line
(defn less-than-ie9? []
(and ua/IE (not (ua/isVersion 9))))
(extend-type js/HTMLInputElement
(-set-text! [field text]
(set! (.-value field) text))
(-text [field]
(.-value field)))
(extend-type js/HTMLUListElement
(-hide! [list]
(dom/add-class! list "hidden"))
(-show! [list]
(dom/remove-class! list "hidden"))
(-set-items! [list items]
(->> (for [item items] (str "<li>" item "</li>"))
(apply str)
(dom/set-html! list))))
(defn menu-item-event [menu input type]
(->> (r/listen menu type
(fn [e]
(when (dom/in? e menu)
(.preventDefault e))
(when (less-than-ie9?)
(.focus input)))
(chan (sliding-buffer 1)))
(fn [e]
(let [li (dom/parent (.-target e) "li")]
(h/index-of (dom/by-tag-name menu "li") li))))))
(defn html-menu-events [input menu allow-tab?]
[;; keyboard menu controls, tab special handling
(->> (r/listen input :keydown
(fn [e]
(when (and @allow-tab?
(= (.-keyCode e) resp/TAB))
(.preventDefault e))))
(r/map resp/key-event->keycode)
(fn [kc]
(and (resp/KEYS kc)
(or (not= kc resp/TAB)
(r/map resp/key->keyword))
;; hover events, index of hovered child
(r/hover-child menu "li")
;; need to handle menu clicks
(->> (r/cyclic-barrier
[(menu-item-event menu input :mousedown)
(menu-item-event menu input :mouseup)])
(r/filter (fn [[d u]] (= d u)))
(r/always :select))]))
(defn relevant-keys [kc]
(or (= kc 8)
(and (> kc 46)
(not (#{91 92 93} kc)))))
(defn html-input-events [input]
(->> (r/listen input :keydown)
(r/remove (fn [e] (.-platformModifierKey e)))
(r/map resp/key-event->keycode)
(r/filter relevant-keys)
(r/map #(-text input))
(r/split #(not (string/blank? %)))))
(defn ie-blur [input menu selection-state]
(let [out (chan)]
(events/listen input
(fn [e]
(when (and (= (.-keyCode e) resp/TAB) (not @selection-state))
(put! out (h/now)))))
(events/listen js/document.body
(fn [e]
(when-not (some #(dom/in? e %) [menu input])
(put! out (h/now)))))
(defn html-autocompleter [input menu completions throttle]
(let [selection-state (atom false)
query-ctrl (chan)
[filtered removed] (html-input-events input)]
(when (less-than-ie9?)
(events/listen menu
(fn [e] false)))
(-set-text! input "")
{:focus (r/always :focus (r/listen input :focus))
:query (r/throttle* (r/distinct filtered) throttle (chan) query-ctrl)
:query-ctrl query-ctrl
:select (html-menu-events input menu selection-state)
:cancel (r/fan-in
(r/always :blur
(if-not (less-than-ie9?)
(r/listen input :blur)
(ie-blur input menu selection-state)))])
:input input
:menu menu
:menu-proc menu-proc
:completions completions
:selection-state selection-state})))
;; =============================================================================
;; Example
(defn wikipedia-search [query]
(go (nth (<! (r/jsonp (str base-url query))) 1)))
(let [ac (html-autocompleter
(dom/by-id "autocomplete")
(dom/by-id "autocomplete-menu")
wikipedia-search 750)]
(go (while true (<! ac))))
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