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Datatype Mixin for Underscore.js

Often you want class like things but writing your objects in the following manner is kind of tedious:

var MyClass = function() { = "foo"; = "bar";

MyClass.prototype.baz = function() {

MyClass.prototype.woz = function() {

Using datatype.js you can instead write the following:

var MyClass = _.datatype({
    initialize: function() { = "foo"; = "bar";

    baz: function () {

    woz: function() {

datatype.js doesn’t support datatype inheritance of any kind. However it is sometimes useful to reuse a name. For this purpose there is _.multi. You can use this like so:

var Foo = _.datatype({});
var Bar = _.datatype({});

_.multi("cool", Foo, function(x) {
  console.log("got type Foo!");

_.multi("cool", Foobar, function(x) {
  console.log("got type Bar!");

var a = new Foo();
var b = new Bar();;;
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