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This is the repository for the second version of my personal website. This site is built to make it simple to serve static content via nginx, with local development enabled by docker.

Local Docker

Build and run the container:

docker build -t swanstwo .
docker run -d -p 8080:80 -v "$(pwd)/static:/usr/share/nginx" swanstwo

Then visit localhost:8080

Local Development with Gulp

We're using gulp to automate the process of static assets. Running


Will build all assets for the project and place them in the appropriate place in the ./static directory, which docker builds draw from, placing them in the correct place for nginx to serve.

The default gulp command runs the following sub-commands:

gulp html
gulp css
gulp sass
gulp articles
gulp index_pages
gulp media
gulp favicon
gulp fonts

Gulp can also be run to watch for changes and auto-build them with:

gulp watch

Deploying To a host

Provisioning / Setup

Provision a server on a host. Make sure to setup keypair authentication for ssh.

On the host, the following tools will need to be installed.

apt-get install docker pandoc nodejs nodejs-legacy npm
npm install gulp-cli --global

In the home directory of your user, clone this repo (only needs to be done during setup):

git clone


Deployment is automated through the simple script, which takes a single argument, the destination to ssh to and deploy:

./ user@host