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HackerPulse - Painless Portfolios for Hackers

Let the hacker community know what you have been up to lately without the hassle.

HackerPulse aggregates your public programming-related activities into a unique portfolio that represents your online pulse. It makes it easy to see what projects you are working on or what you are reading and commenting about.

Spend less time posting about what you're doing and more time actually doing it.

Getting Starting

Checkout the repository git clone hackerpulse

Install the dependancies using pip cd hackerpulse/ pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the Flask application cd hackerpulse/ python

Sound Cool? Want to contribute?

Do you love python? Keen to work with Flask and MongoDB?

Then come chat with us in #hackerpulse on

Check the wiki to see where you may want to jump in and help.

Ideas, snippets, prototypes and feedback are all welcome and encouraged.

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